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ʮ (2001)

Reviewed by: snookie_1
Date: 03/30/2002
Summary: pretty good teen movie...

basically about the kuk family...dad opens a noodle shop for two months, the son gets in a triangle relationship with 2 sisters and little girl meets poor little boy..
the plot is nothing new but i think gc-goobi does a great job of making the characters fresh and refreshing...lots of character development...don't expect car crashes and flying heads...not any action in this...except for that fight scene between heman and the guy with the frizzy hair...which was one of the funnier moments...carlily and the guy look quite sweet...and get ready to discover that heman actually looks real pretty...i love the drawings and the way they separate the chapters and the songs are great...and the carousel is absolutely stunning...recommended...7/10

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 02/04/2002
Summary: PRetty good

i am suprised i am the first to review this movie.

I am not much for teenage movies, but this movie was quite moving. Nothing much happens, A guy opens his noodle shop but only can have it for 2 months. A poor little boy befriends the daugher of shop owner. And the son enters a relationship with the renters niece and works for them.

I know it doesn't sound like much, and it isn't!! But the movie is not about plot, but about characters and how they interact. And how they interact causes a mix of emotions to evolve. This is a great family movie, a change for a hk movie.

I think this would be a great movie to watch with your girlfriends!!


Reviewer Score: 7