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Iron Ox, the Tiger's Killer (1974)
Alias: Angry Fist
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Chin Sheng-En
  Chan Chi-Keung (4)
  Chin Sheng-En
  Cheung Chung-Chuk
  Wong Goon-Hung (1) ... Chan Ming Lung
  Chi Lan ... Ellen Ko
  Wong Fei-Lung ... Wong Chin Lau, Intel. Chief, Tigers head
  Gam Yam (2)    
  Ko Chun-Pang ... Chan's master
  Ko Gam-Dai    
  Tsang Chiu ... Kin Shu Wei, one of the 5 Tigers
  Hui Chuk-Hung    
  Chang Chi-Ping (2) ... Chow See Che, one of the 5 Tigers
  Chow Ming-Ching ... Chang Kwan, beaten by Chan
  Ma Cheung (1) ... Thug
  Yau Pang-Sang ... Thug
Production Companies
  Wing Sing (Rongxing) Film Company
  Film Line Enterprises
  Lee Kin-Yung
Production Manager
  Si Seung-Seung
Sound Recordist
  Chang Hua
  Yu Siu-Fung
  Cheung Chung-Lung
Assistant Director
  Ko Chun-Pang
  Eddie H. Wang Chi-Ren

Chan Ming Lung is taught martial arts by a master, who was crippled 20 years ago. Master took Ming Lung as a student in order to train him up to take revenge. Ellen, Ming Lung's girl, asks him to promise to give up that revenge, but there wouldn't be much of a movie if that happened, now would there ? Four members of the Five Tigers harass the Master and during the fight, the Master is accidentally killed. Ming Lung kidnaps the four, one by one, and tries to find out which one killed Master. But they refuse to talk. Can the Fifth Tiger, who is also the local Intelligence Chief, catch Ming Lung before he takes revenge ?