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紅菱血(上集) (1951)
Hongling's Blood (Part 1)
Alias: Mysterious Murder, Part One
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Drama 
Release Date: 10/05/1951
  Tong Tik-Sang
  Tong Tik-Sang
  Ho Chak-Chong
  Fong Yim-Fen    
  Wong Chin-Sui    
  Lo Ban-Chiu    
  Lam Mui-Mui    
  Ng Wui    
  Lo Duen    
  Leung Suk-Hing    
  Yip Ping    
  Lee Yuet-Ching    
  Wong Cho-San    
  Lee Sun-Fung    
  Ho Chung-Fong    
  Wong Hang (1)    
Production Company
  Chak Sang Co Motion Picture Service
Filming Company
  Lianhe Film Company
  Tong Tik-Sang
Script Supervisor
  Leung Kung
  Cho Chi (1)
  Ho Luk-Ying
  Tse Tsak-Yuen
Sound Recordist
  Kwok Keung
  Lau Yeung-Chi
  Yu Shun
Production Manager
  Lui Cho-Wan
  Starring Fong Yim-fun, "Mysterious Murderer" is directed by Tong Tik-sang and adapted from his own play for the big screen. Fong portrays the tragic life of a woman who is a lover, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a mother and a sacrificial lamb, as well as a criminal. With the help of cinematographer Ho Look-ying, Tong created a visually striking visual motif that can be explained as film noir with an oriental twist. The result is not only an emotionally poignant epic, but also one of the most marvellously shot black-and-white films in Cantonese cinema history. (Press release)