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Beach of the War Gods (1973)
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date: 07/13/1973
  Jimmy Wang Yu
  Jimmy Wang Yu
Action Directors
  Kwan Hung
  Siu Bo (3)
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Jimmy Wang Yu ... Hsiao Feng
  Lung Fei ... Shinobu Hashimoto
  Tin Yau ... Leng Ping
  Sit Hon ... Chao, the Iron Bull
  Shan Mao ... Plays a Japanese
  Tsai Hung ... Plays a Japanese
  Kwan Hung    
  Man Man (2) ... Villager
  Cheung Yee-Kwai ... Sword-wielding Thunder Fist
  Su Chen-Ping ... Japanese
  Hsieh Hsing (1) ... Japanese
  Wong Wing-Sang ... Japanese
  Shih Ting-Ken ... Japanese
  O Yau-Man ... [Cameo]
  Cho Kin (1) ... Japanese prisoner
  Lui Jun (1)    
  Jack Lung Sai-Ga ... Japanese
  Ng Ho (1)    
  Yeung Lit ... Villager
  Tsang Ming-Cheong    
  Dung Gam-Woo ... Villager
  Poon Chuen-Ling ... Japanese
  Ying Kei (1) ... Villager
  Yip Fei-Yang ... Japanese
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (2) ... Villager
  Ma Chin-Ku ... [Extra]
  Ho Wai-Hung ... [Extra]
  Lee Keung (1) ... [Extra]
  Blacky Ko Sau-Leung ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Golden Harvest Productions
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Lin Ting-Kuei
Art Director
  Wang Yu (5)
Script Supervisor
  Wang Mei (1)
  Pai Huai-Chen (3)
  Chao Yu-Chen
  Li Mei-Hua (3)
  Chiu Yao-Hu
Special Effects
  Li Yi-Chih
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
  Wong Chun-San
Costume Designer
  Lee Koi-Yuen
Assistant Director
  Chan Man-Ping
  Dung Gam-Woo
  Wong Mau-Saan

Japanese pirates are invading Chinese villages in 1565. Fortunately the super patriot Hsiao Feng swaggers into town, not unlike Mifune did in Yojimbo. The Japanese demand an extortionate amount of money from the villagers, and considerately give them ten days to come up with it, or be slaughtered. Hsiao suggests the villagers gather the young men from nearby villagers, while he travels inland to get help. With another nod to Kurosawa, Hsiao Feng gathers a band of skilled fighters. Chao Iron Bull, with his sword of toughened steel and an even sharper tongue. Knife thrower Leng Ping. Shield-weilding Thunder Fist Hung and Spearman Li. And they'll need all these skills and some trickery and lots of luck to boot, against their fearsome opponent, Captain Hashimoto.