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養鬼 (1982)
Ghost Nursing
Alias: คนเลี้ยงผี
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Ghost 
Release Date: 05/15/1982
Box Office: HK $4,448,985.00
  Wilson Tong Wai-Shing
  Billy Chan Wui-Ngai
  Norman Chui Siu-Keung ... Raymond Chui
  Suet Lee ... Jackie
  Melvin Wong Gam-San ... Sam
  Chin Yuet-Sang ... God of Gold
  Chan Si-Wing (2)    
  Tong Tin-Hei ... Boss
  Wai Lit    
  Cheng Kang-Yeh ... Chen's driver [cameo]
  Lau Chi-Ho (1) ... Thug
  Lau Nga-Lai    
  Billy Chan Wui-Ngai ... Sorcerer/Kidnapper
  Wilson Tong Wai-Shing ... Kidnapper
  Chan Hung (6)    
Production Company
  First Films
  Manny Hoh Ming
  Cheung Kwok-Kuen (1)
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
  Wong Hoi (1)
  Norman Chui Siu-Keung
Filming Location
  Story set in Thailand. Jackie is a young woman determines to reverse her bad luck. She consults the God of Gold, who advises her to "nurse a ghost". That is, she is given a small figure to worship, and the worship includes dripping three drops of her own blood every three days. At first, all goes well. For instance, the spirit punishes a man who accosts the girl by making him fall over and hit his head. Jackie runs into handsome young Raymond, and wishes to meet him again. That wish comes true, and they become a happy couple. But this new happiness causes Jackie to forget to worship the figure, and the spirit doesn't like it. With good intentions, Raymond discovers his new love worshipping, and consults his friend Sam, who has studied "spritual matters" in Manchester. They try an exorcism, but it goes horribly wrong, and the spirit takes over Raymond, who starts doing nasty things.......