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A Life Full of Evils (1983)
Word by Word: Colour Desire Crazy Devil
Meaning: Crazy Demon Rapist
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Crime 
Release Date: 10/27/1983
Box Office: HK $1,703,278.00
  Lam Chin-Wai
  Pau Ming
  Meg Lam Kin-Ming ... Miss Ching
  Ngaai Fei    
  Luk Yi-Laam    
  Chiang Tao    
  Wong Bei-Dak (1) ... Prosecutor
  Cheung Fook-Chow    
  Wong Fei-Lung    
  Lu Yi-Lan    
  Bai Yu (1)    
  Wong Bei-Dak (1)    
  Cheung Fook-Chow    
  Hak Lung    
  Jue Chan-Juan    
  Yang Zhi-Ming ... little Zhang
Production Company
  The Eternal Film (H. K.) Co.
  Ocean Shores (Hong Kong)
  Woo Wan-Ping

Shu Chin Feng is a petty crim just out of jail. He seduces a lonely woman with far more money than sense, and swindles her out of both, then kills her. And before you can say "he's a complete bastard", he's hitched up with another woman and a businessman friend, doing very much the same trick again. Only this time, he kills 'em with a variation on an electric blanket. Who'll be his next victim ?