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Lifeline Express (1984)
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Horror  Comedy 
Theatrical Run: 12/28/1984 - 01/09/1985
Box Office: HK $4,995,357.00
  Kirk Wong Chi-Keung (1)
  Sze-To Cheuk-Hon
  Lo Gin
  Teddy Robin Kwan
  Kent Cheng Jak-Si ... Fatso Ng
  Teddy Robin Kwan ... Tiger
  Eddy Ko Hung ... Prof. Ho
  Yam Choi-Bo ... Nurse
  Jinly Poon Kam-Yee ... Nurse
  Sandy Chan Gei-Ying ... Nurse
  Ding Fung (2) ... Master Kwan/Big Mouth Kwan
  Simon Yip Fai-Wong ... Drunkard in toilet
  Wellington Fung Wing ... Doctor
  James Lai Wing-Keung ... Shop owner
  Woo Pin-Yue ... Hospital attendant
  Fong Daan    
  Leung Hung (2) ... Grocery shopkeeper
  Hon Kong (2) ... Man who give direction to Fatso
  Mok Chui-Jan ... Kwan's assistant
  Lau Shui-Yin (2)    
  Mak Tat-Ling    
  Chan Hung (5)    
  Mak Hin-Ming    
  Tommie Lee Wing-Hung    
  Benny Hoh Ging-Ban    
  Woo Wai-Chung (2)    
  Chan Yiu-Keung    
  Lo Gwai-Tong    
  Ha Wai-Hong    
  Lee Chuen-Sing ... Mourner
  Chang Kwok-Tse ... Hospital personnel dept staff
  Chui Kin-Wa ... Living corpse
  Unknown SB-Actor(50) ... Big Belly
  Cinema City (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  James Lai Wing-Keung
  Simon Yip Fai-Wong
  Lai Ting-Lok
Sound Recordist
  Video Film
  Kwong Au Recording Studio
Art Director
  Eddie Ma Poon-Chiu
Script Supervisor
  Yiu Fung-Suen (1)
  Wong Git-Yee
  Wellington Fung Wing
  Chow Kim-Ming (2)
  Lam Wong (2)
  Lee Mei-Bik
  Wong Gei-Hung
  Shing Gwan-On
  Bill Wong Chung-Piu
  Joe Chan Jun-Git
  Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan
Dance Instructor
  Marty Lewis
  Tony Chow Kwok-Chung
Costume Designer
  Chan Mei-Kuen
  Karl Maka
  Dean Shek Tin
  Raymond Wong Pak-Ming
Assistant Director
  Samson Chiu Leung-Chun
  Paul Cheung Wing-Hung
Hair Stylist
  Julien Young
  Yuen Cheuk-Fan (1)

Kind-hearted Fatso Ng earnestly entreats Buddha to save his midget brother Tiger from an early death. In a passionate outburst, he pledges half his lifespan in return for sparing Tiger. It seems to work ....... too well. Fatso had been told last year by reliable fortune teller Big Mouth Kwan that he would have a long life, but his fortune has now changed. Meanwhile, Tiger is making the most of his renewed lease of life, working hard to get into the panties of three busty nurses. Fatso "spoils" the fun by following Big Mouth Kwan advice - avoid sex if you want any chance of changing your bad fortune. Fatso begins to lose his sanity and goes into the hospital. His only hope of being saved is the weird hospital shrink, who believes in the occult.