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Legacy of Rage (1986)
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Action 
Release Date: 12/20/1986
  Ronny Yu Yan-Tai
  Clifton Ko Chi-Sum
  Raymond Fung Sai-Hung
Action Director
  Mang Hoi
  Linda Kuk Mei-Lai
  John Shum Kin-Fun
  Brandon Lee Kwok-Ho ... Brandon Ma Kwok Ho
  Michael Wong Man-Tak ... Michael
  Michael Chan Wai-Man ... Yee
  Regina Kent ... May
  Mang Hoi ... Four Eyes
  Kirk Wong Chi-Keung (1) ... Inspector Lau
  Ku Feng ... Yu
  Chu Hak ... Mr Wong
  Teddy Yip Wing-Cho ... Mr Yip
  Ng Man-Tat (1) ... Prison warden
  Shing Fui-On ... Fool
  Timothy Zao ... Drug courier
  Bolo Yeung Sze ... Muscle thug in nightclub
  Tanya George ... Belly dancer
  Lam Chung (1) ... Insp. Sharky Kau
  Chu Tau ... Michael's thug
  Ken Lo Wai-Kwong ... Michael's thug
  Shing Fu-On ... Michael's thug
  Leung Jun-Git ... Kit
  Lee Kin-Chuen ... Lawyer Wong
  Angelina Lo Yuen-Yan ... Mother looking for daughter on bu
  Onno Boelee ... Prisoner
  Pedro Ernyes ... Prisoner
  Louis Roth ... Prisoner
  Stuart Smith ... Prisoner
  Chui Kin-Wa ... Prisoner
  Ng Kwok-Kin ... Prison guard/ Prison doctor/ Police Sgt
  Woh Seung ... Muscle thug's man
  Hung San-Nam ... Muscle thug's man
  Tai San (1) ... Muscle thug's man
  Ha Kwok-Wing ... Michael's thug
  Blacky Ko Sau-Leung ... Michael's thug
  Lam Chi-Tai (1) ... Sharky's thug
  Ronny Yu Yan-Tai ... Drug buyer
  Raymond Fung Sai-Hung ... Drug buyer's driver
  Clifton Ko Chi-Sum ... Hotel manager
  Jim James ... Middle Eastern restaurant's patron
  Ruby Wong Cheuk-Ling ... Hooker
  Johnny Wong Yin-Ming ... Tanker driver
  Leung Shing-Hung ... Sharky's thug
  Mak Wai-Cheung ... Policeman at raid [extra]
  Ma Yuk-Sing ... [Extra]
  Ho Wing-Cheung (1) ... [Extra]
  Lam Foo-Wai ... [Extra]
Filming Company
  D & B Films Co., Ltd.
Production Manager
  Sunny Leung Yat-San
Sound Recordist
  Shaw Bros. Recording Studio
Art Director
  Tony Au Ting-Ping
Script Supervisor
  Yeung Suk-Fan (1)
  Hester Yip Shui-Fong
  Pang Yuk-Lam
  Lam Wong
  Linda Kuk Mei-Lai
  Clifton Ko Chi-Sum
  Raymond Fung Sai-Hung
  Lo Shui-Lin (2)
  Aan Sek-Kwan
Car Stunts
  Blacky Ko Sau-Leung
  James Chan Hau-Ming
  Poon Hang-Sang
  Stephen Poon Tak-Yip
  Derek Wan Man-Kit
  Wong Yee-Shun (1)
Costume Designer
  Liu Mei-Chow
Sound Editor
  Showreel Film Facilities
  Dickson Poon Dik-Sang
Assistant Director
  Roland Chan Ngok-Chung
  Tam Chi-San
  Richard Yuen Cheuk-Fan
Assistant Action Director
  Lau Fong-Sai

Tale of innocent guy (Kwok Ho) tricked into going to jail for a murder he didn't commit. The friend who betrayed him is Michael, an up-and-coming ruthless gangster. Most of the story concerns Kwok Ho's time in jail, and those who join him in (eventually) taking revenge, including a bespectacled arms dealer.