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Devil's Vendetta (1991)
Actual on-screen title: Devil's Vindata
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Newport 
Genre: Horror 
Theatrical Run: 04/12/1991 - 04/24/1991
Box Office: HK $4,377,089.00
  Larry Cheung Hoi-Ching
  Sam Chi-Leung
  Cheng Man-Wah
  James Fung Shui-Hung
  Benny Tam Wai-Shing
Action Director
  Chin Yuet-Sang
  Larry Cheung Hoi-Ching
  Sharla Cheung Man ... Mandy
  Vivian Chow Wai-Man ... Tracy
  Mondi Yau Yuet-Ching ... Demon Twiggy
  Si-Ma Yin (2) ... Yin
  Ngai Jan ... Liu Chun
  Stanley Fung Sui-Fan ... Priest Yau Tsu Nam
  Billy Lau Nam-Kwong ... Tan Tin Kong
  Tenky Tin Kai-Man ... Mo Tail
  May Che Yuet-Mei ... Mandy's sifu
  Cheung Yuen-Wah ... Mandy's fellow disciple
  Lo Hung (1) ... Master Liu
  Seung-Goon Yuk ... Matchmaker
  Chik King-Man ... Demon
  Yu Miu-Lin ... Vampire
  Tai Bo (1) ... Chun's cousin
  Huang Ha (1) ... Bridegroom in Kong's dream
  Shing Fu-On ... Yau's disciple
  Chun Kwai-Bo ... Yau's disciple in forest
  Chow Chi-Hung ... Golden warrior
Production Company
  Yat Shing Din Ying Gung Shut
  San Bo Ying Pin Faat Hang Yau Haan Gung Shut (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  So Ma-Gam
  Kiat Cheuk-Yip
  Lee Yuen-Yam
  Sunny Cheng Shu-San
Art Director
  Chan Ji-Chung
  Larry Cheung Hoi-Ching
Script Supervisor
  Albert Mak Kai-Kwong
  Wong Wai-Keung
  Wong Wai-Chi (2)
  Jimmy Heung Wah-Sing
  Chan Cheuk-Yu
  Man Yun-Ling
  Lam Chiu-Wing
  Teddy Chen Tak-Sum
Executive Director
  Ng Hon-Keung
  Yuen Siu-Lung
  Ng Chiu-Leung
  Derek Wan Man-Kit
  Wong Wai-Chi (2)
  Ma Chung-Yiu
  Ma Chung-Yiu
  Jue San-Git
Costume Designer
  Man Yun-Mei
  Lee Kit-Ching
  Kung Chuan-Kai
  Lai Jun-Kei
Assistant Director
  Ng Hon-Keung
  Paco Yiu Fung-Suen
  Ho Lin
  James Fung Shui-Hung
Hair Stylist
  Lee Lin-Tai
  Ng Yuk-Ho
  Jonathon Wong Bong
Assistant Action Director
  Chan Ming-Wai
  Demon Twiggy promises to mend her wicked ways if Monk Lin cuts his heart out...... but she lies ! Eighteen years later, the Microwave group, a band of women led by Mandy, prepare to do battle. This, in part, involves younger sister Tracy marrying Lin's reincarnation Liu Chun at just the right time. But Chun has already left Tracy at the altar once before. He runs away, and encounters corrupt holy men Yau Tsu Nam and Tan Tin Kong. One lusts after Mandy, the other after any female still living. Tan also has a detachable hand which can fly, and is able to transform into inanimate objects. For instance, he becomes a towel, then a bar of soap, in order to try the "charming stance" on the girls when they take a shower. But he is trapped in the toilet, and Yau must rescue him. Yau Tsu Nam feeds Chun the Twin Talkative Worms, so that he can, through Chun, bespeak his love for Mandy.... but she'll have none of it. She is determined that Chun and Tracy will make love and conceive at the appropriate time, while the Microwave group and the guys do battle with Twiggy.