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All for the Gamblers (1991)
Alias : 賭王雙霸天
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Golden Princess 
Genres: Action  "Bullet Ballet"  Gambling 
Theatrical Run: 01/24/1991 - 02/01/1991
Box Office: HK $2,767,946.00
  Sherman Wong Jing-Wa
  Tony Leung Hung-Wah
Action Director
  Sherman Wong Jing-Wa
  Gam Cheung-Kuen
  Katy Chin Shu-Mei
  Wilson Lam Jun-Yin ... BoBo
  Alex Man Chi-Leung ... Ching's assistant
  Shing Fui-On ... BoBo's pal
  Chin Ho (1) ... Ishikawa
  Wong Wing-Fong (1) ... Joey
  Baau Hon-Lam ... Ching Chin Sau
  Agnes Aurelio    
  Samuel Kwok Fung    
  Louis Roth ... Contest organizer
  Roger Thomas ... Mario the Godfather
  Ai Wai    
  Lau Yuk-Gei    
  Chim Bing-Hei    
  Lam Shung-Ching    
Production Company
  Hatract Films Ltd.
Filming Company
  Ying Ga Din Ying Chai Chok Sau
  Golden Princess Amusement Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  Goon Kei-Mei
  Lee Chan-Kam
  Lorraine Hoh Lai-Seung
Art Director
  Ringo Cheung Sek-Wa
  Ken Yip Gwok-Gin
  Yeung Gam-Shing
  Stanley Ko Moon-Kai
  Parkman Wong Pak-Man
  Jeng Yue-Lai
  Yu Tin-Sung
  Lee San-Yip
  Robert Choi Hung (1)
Costume Designer
  Ken Yip Gwok-Gin
  Jimmy Wang Yu
  Gam Cheung-Leung
Assistant Director
  Lee Po-Cheung
  Lam Goon-Kiu
  Hung Tung-Kim
Hair Stylist
  Chan Chi-Ming (1)
Assistant Action Director
  Laai Sing-Gwong
  Mandy Chan Chi-Man

(A bit difficult to describe this one, as the copy I saw had no subtitles GRRRRRR. However, things were helped by an occasional outbreak of English dialogue.) ----------------------- As the opening credits clearly show, the contest between Ching and Ishikawa takes place in Bangkok. A cocky upstart spends much time crawling to Ching and his daughter Joey. Neither are fooled, and they each give him short shrift. The contest begins, but the organizer announces that the S E Asia King of Gamblers title will be suspended for a month when Ching suffers an apparent heart attack, and that if no member of the family shows, the title will go to Ishikawa. Ching's loyal assistant turns out to be a traitor, killing his master (witnessed by BoBo) in favour of Ishikawa. BoBo takes an assassination assignment from Ishikawa, and his target is ? Joey. He can't do the job, and ends up saving her from the malevolent Alex Man, by taking her into hiding with his loyal pal. -STSH