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鮑漢琳  ♂
Bau Hon-Lam
Pau Hon-Lam,  Pao Han-Lin,  Bau Hon-Lam,  Bao Han-Lin
Born: 1915 (Hong Kong) - Died: July 12th, 2007

Filmography (1978-1996)
  Actor (18 films)
    Lam Ah Chun (1978)    
    No Big Deal (1980)    
    The Story of a Refugee (1980)    
    Working Class (1985) ... Amy's father
    Passion (1986) ... John's father
    Private Life (1987) ... Doris' father
    Triads - The Inside Story (1989) ... Uncle Ng / Chow Sai Lin
    God of Gamblers (1989) ... Chan Kam Sing
    The Killer's Blues (1989) ... Big Boss
    God of Gamblers II (1990) ... Chan Kam Sing/Beast of Gamble
    All for the Gamblers (1991) ... Ching Chin Sau
    Tricky Brains (1991) ... Mr Ching
    The Banquet (1991) ... Uncle Lotus Seed Bun
    Dances with Dragon (1991) ... Chow Tai Pang
    Perfect Exchange (1993) ... Judge
    God of Gamblers Return (1994) ... Chan Gam Sing
    Tricky Business (1995) ... Chung's father
    Tri-Star (1996) ... Father John
  Veteran actor Bau Hong Lam who passed away on July 12, 2007 in London, England at the age of 91. The funeral took place on August 4. Uncle Bau started acting in 1937. He has worked in the department of prison (now department of correction) and participated in amateur drama troupes. He acted for over 70 years. In 1975 he joined CTV as an artist and in 1977 he joined TVB. He also performed in movies, the most familiar of which was the scenes with Chow Yun Fat in the 1989 GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN).
(adapted from HK Top Ten Central)