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Full Contact (1992)
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Golden Princess 
Genre: "Bullet Ballet" 
Theatrical Run: 07/23/1992 - 08/07/1992
Box Office: HK $16,793,011.00
  Ringo Lam Ling-Tung
  Nam Yin
Action Directors
  Lau Kar-Wing (1)
  Ridley Tsui Bo-Wah
  Ringo Lam Ling-Tung
  Chow Yun-Fat ... Jeff / Gou Fei
  Simon Yam Tat-Wah ... Judge
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang ... Sam Sei
  Ann Bridgewater ... Mona
  Bonnie Fu Yuk-Jing ... Lau Ngang/Virgin
  Frankie Chan Chi-Leung ... Deano/Psycho
  Nam Yin ... Loanshark Hung
  Victor Hon Kwan ... Kau
  Chris Lee Kin-Sang ... Chung
  Chun Hung (2) ... Julianne
  Wei Lai-Wah    
  Lee Ka-Yuen    
  Wong Mou-Hung    
  Wong Chi-Wai (1) ... Hak
  Tam Kon-Chung ... Thug in bar
  Jacky Cheung Chun-Hung ... Thug in bar
  Lam Kwok-Git ... Kau's man
  Jameson Lam Wa-Fan ... Kau's man
  Lam Kai-Wing ... One of Judge's men
  Cheung Wing-Cheung (2) ... Guard at the ice factory
  Ken Yip Wing-Kin    
  Lee Ga-Hung (2)    
  Unknown Stuntman (5)    
  Douglas Kung Cheung-Tak ... Guard at the ice factory
  Joe Chu Cho-Kuen ... Guard at the ice factory
  Kwok Nga-Cheung ... Guard at the ice factory
Production Company
  Golden Princess Film Production Ltd.
Filming Company
  Silver Medal Presentations
  Golden Princess Amusement Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  William Leung Jan-Gwok
Sound Recordist
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
Art Director
  Lam Jan-Fai
  Bruce Yu Ka-On
Script Supervisor
  Ching Shu-Ching
  Coffee Hui Tak-Cheung
  Cheng Ga-Shing (1)
  Gwong Ting-Woh (1)
  Rankie Fung Gwok-Fai
  Wellington Fung Wing
  Lam Chi-Chung
  Jackson Wong Wai-Ming
Car Stunts
  Lee Wai-Leung
  Chan Hon-Wing (1)
  Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan
  Joe Chan Kwong-Hung
  Lau Hung-Chuen
Dance Instructor
  Lee Cham-Chuen
  Tony Chow Kwok-Chung
Costume Designer
  So Chin-Fa
Executive Producer
  Nam Yin
Assistant Director
  Chow Jan-Wing
  Lee Bing-Leung
  Michell Wong Yuk-Ting
Hair Stylist
  Brian Lau Shui-Yin
  Teddy Robin Kwan
Assistant Action Director
  Ridley Tsui Bo-Wah

Jeff is a bouncer in a Bangkok nightclub, an expert with a gun. When his buddy, Sam, runs into problems with a loan shark, Jeff saves his life.'s The loan shark then asks the pair to hijack a truckload of smuggled ammunition in order for the "shark" to forgive Sam's debt. Agreeing reluctantly, Jeff finds out too late that he has been double-crossed and marked for death. Escaping an explosion which everyone, including his girlfriend Mona, thinks killed him, Jeff hides out in Thailand to recuperate. With confused emotions, Sam and Mona become lovers. Fully recovered, Jeff goes to Hong Kong, and discovers his new love triangle. Putting aside his emotions, Jeff sets out to take vengeance on Judge and his gang. [from the Rim Films Catalog]