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Jin Pin Mei (1996)
Alias: Tin Pin Mei
Alias : 新金瓶梅第一回
Alias: New Jin Pin Mei Vol. 1
Country: Taiwan
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Newport 
Genres: Historical Drama  Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 12/07/1996 - 01/31/1997
Box Office: HK $2,002,054.00
  Tam Yui-Ming
  Leung Lap-Yan
Action Director
  Wong Chung-Yue
  Chan Kin-Wa (1)
  Lai Shui-Ching (2)
  Yeung Si-Man ... Chinny Wu / Poon Gam Lin
  Tan Lap-Man ... Simon Hsin / Sai Moon Hing
  Cindy Yip Sin-Yi ... Peony Li
  Choi Mei-Yau ... Chunmei Pau
  Ku Kuan-Chung ... Wu Shun
  Gam Sap-Yee ... Count Yin
  Wong Chung-Yue    
  Lam Kwok-Yan    
  Tsang Ah-Kwan    
  Henry Luk Yat-Lung    
  Yau Kwok-Tung    
  Chiu Wai (2)    
  Chan Ping (3)    
  Pau Yuet-Kwan    
  Lam Ying-Kwan    
  Tong Chuen    
  Yuen Hiu-Yin    
  Lam Mei-Lun (1)    
  Cheung Yu-Yiu    
  Lui Ka-Hing    
  Chuk Ga-Ching    
  Wong Chung-Foon    
  Cheng Chun-Sing    
  Yue Gam-Bo    
  Lee Ka-Chan    
  Yeung Hung (1)    
Production Companies
  Hip Woh Yuk Lok Goo Ban Yau Haan Gung Shut
  King's Entertainment Co. Ltd.
  Max Films Company (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  Fung Chi-Wai (1)
  Wong Ming-Chi (2)
Sound Recordist
  Foo Kwok Recording Studio
  True Technic Limited
Art Director
  Kei Seung-Lin
Script Supervisor
  Kelly Mang Cheung-Lee
  Lam Shui-Bing (1)
  Bowie Lau Bo-Yin
  To Yap-Fan
  Tommy Tong Yue-Tai
  Che Shun
  Wong Jing-Cheung
Costume Designer
  Cheung Kam-Kam
  Hui On-Chun
  Lui Muk-Chuen
Assistant Director
  Lai Ji-Gin
  Wong Chung-Yue
  Kelly Mang Cheung-Lee
Hair Stylist
  Yau Yee-Chan
  Chik Yue-Lung

Chinny Wu is unhappily married to an ugly four-foot midget, but is fancied by the evil and lecherous official Simon Hsin. With the connivance of his foster-mother, Simon seduces then tricks Chinny to become his latest concubine (he already has four). While Chinny suffers bad treatment from the other concubines, (though treated kindly by the maid Chunmei), Simon screws every woman in sight and still finds time to connive various evil acts, such as poisoning Chinny's husband and imprisoning her brother-in-law. Taking his friend Chizu home from the whorehouse one night, Simon meets Chizu's lovely and oversexed wife Penny (or Peony - the spelling varies), and they plan things to spend bedtimes together, which leads to Chizu's death.