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Hero of Kwantung (1974)
Alias: Hero of Kwangtong
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
Action Director
  Wong Fei-Lung
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
  Wen Chiang-Long ... Luk Ho Yin
  Viola Ku Yin    
  Liu Ping (1) ... Hoi
  Yeung San-San ... Hoi Wanliang
  Yee Yuen ... Chiao Piao
  Miao Tian ... Wan
  Wong Fei-Lung ... Wan's brother
  Suen Yuet ... Wan's assistant
  Mark Lung Goon-Mo    
  Lau Lap-Cho ... Chu, Wan's nephew
  Gam Kim ... One of Chu's thugs
  Cheung Paang-Yee    
  Lan Yun ... Young villager who fights
  Cheung Ching-Fung ... Villager
  Woo Chau-Ping ... Mayor
  Ho Ming-Hiu ... Thug
  Chan Sam-Lam ... Thug
  Chui Lap (3) ... Fat flogger
  Su Chen-Ping ... Assassin
  Yim Chung ... Uncle Yee
  Bruce Li Shao-Lung ... Member of Luk's family
  Ho Wai-Hung ... Assassin
  Tsang Chiu ... Thug
  Chi Fu-Chiang ... Thug
  Au Lap-Bo ... In mob, with post
  Chan Chiu-Ming (1) ... Thug
  Kwan Ngai    
  Cheung Siu-Gwan (1) ... Thug
  Cheung Kei (4)    
  Lau Ling (5)    
  Lam Ka-Lung    
  Hong Chong (2) ... Thug
  Geung Yee-Gwan ... Villager
Production Company
  Kwok's Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
  Jung San
Production Manager
  Chu Hon-Kwan
  Lee Shin
  Wong Chau-Gwai
  Chow Chi-Hap
Assistant Director
  Cheung Paang-Yee
  Hsu Chin-Wen
  Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung
Assistant Action Director
  Ho Ming-Hiu

Complete strangers keep attacking Luk and won't tell him why. He subdues them and demands to know who sent them. Their dying answer is always "Wan". Exhausted from fighting off one too many would-be assassins, Luk collapses, and is nursed back to health by Hoi, a rude but kind-hearted and virtuous rice farmer. The village where they live has been targetted for a mining venture, and a local capitalist wants to buy the farmers out. When most refuse to sell, he sends in the thugs to "persuade" them. Hoi and Luk argue about who should sort things out, after Hoi's son is kidnapped by the miners. Luk goes alone, as it will help him in his goal of revenge against a mysterious man who kidnapped his sister.