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Kara Hui Ying-Hung  ♀

Date of Birth
  February 2nd, 1960
  People's Republic of China
  Former girlfriend of Lau Kar-Leung.

Sister of Austin Wai Tin-Chi

Once posed in the Asian version of Playboy.

Nickname is "Auntie" after her role in "My Young Auntie"

Hui joined Shaw Brothers in 1977. She got her first lead role in The Tigress of Shaolin. She has starred in many movies directed by Liu Chia-liang, and was praised for her performance in Mad Monkey Kung Fu, My Young Auntie, Martial Club and The Lady is the Boss. She won the inaugural Hong Kong Film Awards with her performance in My Young Auntie. In most of these movies, she played the role of martial arts heroine, but in Family Light Affair she also gave a memorable performace as a new immigrant. Starting from 1984, Hui began to work on a freelance basis. As the market of martial arts movies declined in the 1990s, Hui turned to television. In 2001, she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for her performance in Visible Secret.
- Celestial Pictures biography

Kara Hui, a Guangdongese, was born in 1960 in China. Later, she moved to Hong Kong. Hui came from a poor family and had to quit her schooling life. When she was fourteen, she began her performance in nightclubs to earn her living.
She joined Shaw Bros (HK) Limited as an actress at seventeen. Because of her martial arts training, Hui was mainly engaged in action movies. She filmed "The Brave Archer" in 1977; "Clans of Amazons" and "The Voyage of Emperor Chienlung," etc. in 1978. Her career development was smooth. In 1981, she won the Best Actress in "My Young Auntie" at the 1st Hong Kong Film Awards.
Hui gained popularity from her action image. She starred in more than 40 movies. In order to adjust to the market trend, she turned to contemporary action motion after her acclaimed costume action appearance. She starred in the movie series of "The Inspector Wears Skirts" as a righteous police officer. Her role was widely accepted by audiences. Lately, Hui has also participated in TV drama serials. Indeed her career in acting has never never stopped.
- from "The Inspector Wears Skirts" DVD

Born in Shangdong