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楊紫瓊  ♀
Michelle Yeoh

Date of Birth
  August 6th, 1962
  Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, Michelle Yeoh has become one of the top fighting females in the world of cinema. A former Miss Malaysia (1983), she made her film debut in Owl vs. Bumbo (1984). She later married D&B founder Dickson Poon and eventually retired from cinema. After her divorce, she came back to films, teaming up with Jackie Chan in Police Story III: Supercop (1992). Since then, she has made an impact on the HK movie world with her sheer toughness and fighting skills. In 1997, she made the international trend as she starred as a Chinese agent in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), a blockbuster film in the US. She also made international fame with 2000's epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.