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Unknown 90s Actor (13)  ♂

Billard Contest spectator
Legend of the Dragon (1991)

Her Fatal Ways 3 (1992)
Boss Ma's associate
Mission of Justice (1992)

The Truth - Final Episode (1989)

Key to Fortune (1992)
Magic Cop (1990)
Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)
The Avenging Quartet (1993)
Mr. Lee--poker player
Angel Terminators (1992)

My Hero (1990)

First Shot (1993)

All for the Winner (1990)

Stooges in Tokyo (1991)

James Wong in Japan & Korea (1992)

Pom Pom and Hot Hot (1992)

The Girls From China (1992)

The Shootout (1992)

The Incorruptible (1993)

Invincible (1992)

It's a Mad Mad Mad World Too! (1992)
Restaurant customer
To Be Number One (1991)
HK political branch officers
Cheung chi-tak (2nd row 1st from right)
Her Fatal Ways 3 (1992)