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Chiu Keung (1)  ♂

cop who grabs Lo Dik before he falls after being shot
Poisonous Rose (1966)
Poisonous Rose (1966)
plainclothes cop
Poisonous Rose (1966)
Chiu Keung (1) as the telephone worker who empties change from the pay phone
Poisonous Rose (1966)

Song of the Waves (1966)
Chief Bi (Golden Sword Clan)
The Fastest Sword (1968)
(Mgr Tzao-client)<br>Fallen Petals (1968)
Fallen Petals (1968)

The Champion of Champions (1971)

The Champion of Champions (1971)

Dragon Gate Swordsman (1971)

The Fairy's Bride (1971)

The Avenger (1972)
Chiu Keung (1)
The Big Fight (1972)

Everybody Is Laughing (1972)

The Bride From Hell (1972)

The Blind Hero Fighting Evil Wolf (1972)

Tiger (1972)

Ferocious to Ferocious (1973)

The Fist of Justice (1973)

Seven Indignant (1973)

A Girl Called Tigress (1973)

The Sister of the San-Tung Boxer (1973)

The Hot Pursuit (1974)

When Hell Broke Loose (1975)