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龍宣  ♂
Lung Suen

Snake Woman's Marriage (1975)

Ghost Under the Cold Moonlight (1975)

The Bridge in Lo-Yang (1975)

The Blank Indictment (1976)

The Wedding of Chung Kuei's Sister (1976)

The Chivalry, the Gunman and Killer (1977)

Melody of Love (1978)

The Boxer's Adventure (1979)

Your Smiling Face (1979)

Z Men (1979)

Against Rascals with Kung Fu (1979)

The Deadly Sword (1980)
Six Directions of Boxing (1980)

Consolidated Dougherty (1981)

The Lady Avenger (1981)

The King of Gambler (1981)

The Crazy Monk (1982)