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Chow Siu-Hing  ♂

Song of Orchid Island (1965)

Song of Orchid Island (1965)
Chow Siu-Hing as Mr. Zhou, owner of the Black Widow nightclub
Poisonous Rose (1966)

Downhill They Ride (1966)
Chow Siu-Hing<br>Fallen Petals (1968)
Fallen Petals (1968)

Temptation (1968)

The Absurd Brave (1969)
Lu's Advisor
Purple Darts (1969)

The Petite Wife (1970)

The Ammunition Hunters (1971)

Love Styles XYZ (1971)

The Eight Immortals (1971)

The Avenger (1972)

Land of the Undaunted (1975)

Trio Love (1976)