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Leung Suk-Hing  ♀

The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948)

The Net of Justice (1950)

Too Many Wives Ruin the Husband (1950)

The Story of Wong Fei-Hung, Part 4: The Death of Liang Huan (1950)

Third-master Sha (1951)
Leung Suk Hing<br>Mrs. Chen's Boat Chase (1955)
Mrs. Chen's Boat Chase (1955)
Leung Suk Hing<br>Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)
Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)

As Luck Will Have It (1955)
Leung Suk Hing<br>A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)
A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)
Leung Suk Hing<br>Driver No. 7 (1958)
Driver No. 7 (1958)
Leung Suk Hing<br>Gift of Happiness/May Heaven Bless You (1958)
May Heaven Bless You (1958)

One Who Saved All (1961)
Leung Suk Hing<br>Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Leung Suk Hing
Phantom of the Jade Chamber (1962)

Phantom of the Jade Chamber (1962)

Young Girl in Love (1963)

Sword of Justice (1964)

Homeless Children (1964)

Student Prince (1964)
<br> Track of a Chase (1964)
Track of a Chase (1964)

The Skeleton Whip (1964)
Leung Suk-Hing<br>Poor Daughter-in-Law (1965)
Poor Daughter-in-law (1965)

Dim-Sum Queen (1965)

Seven Unruly Girls (1965)

Romance of the Sword (1966)

The Secret (1979)