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Gam Lui  ♂

Gam Lui<br>Ten Brothers (1959)
Ten Brothers (1959)
Gam Lui<br>The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster (1960)
The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster (1960)

Wong An Vs. the Flying Tigers (1960)

The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine (1960)

Three Females (1960)
Gam Lui<br>Valuable False Daughter (1961)
Valuable False Daughter (1961)

House of Kam Topples (Part 1) (1961)

The Lock (1961)

The Story of a Family (Part 2) (1961)
The Story of a Family (Part 2) (1961)

Creepy Nights (1961)

Revenge of the Twin Phoenixes (1962)
Gam Lui<br>Quarrelsome Lovers, The (1960)
The Quarrelsome Lovers (1963)
<br>Wife and Mistress in the Same House (1963)
Wife and Mistress in the Same House (1963)
Gam Lui<br>The Songstresses (1963)
The Songstresses (1963)
Gam Lui<br>The Songstresses (1963)
The Songstresses (1963)

Madam Kam (1963)

The King of Swords (1963)
Gam Lui<br>The Invisible Lucky Star (1964)
The Invisible Lucky Star (1964)

Love and Passion (1964)
Kam Lui<br>
  A Mysterious Murder (1965)
A Mysterious Murder (1965)

Pursuit of the Murderer in the Dog-racing Court (1965)

Sword of Swords (1965)

Seven Unruly Girls (1965)

Courting before Marriage (1965)

Elevator Girl (1965)
Gam Lui<br>Golden Ring, The (1966)
The Golden Ring (1966)
Gam Lui<br>Marriage a Big Affair (1966)
Marriage a Big Affair (1966)
Gam Lui<br>The Dark Heroine Muk Lan-Fa(1966)
The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua (1966)
Gam Lui<br>Lady With A Cat's Eyes (1967)
Lady with a Cat's Eyes (1967)
Gam Lui<br>My True Love / Full Moon, The (1967)
The Full Moon (1967)

Lady Flying Dragon (1967)

Finding a Wife in a Blind Way (1967)

Romance of a Teenage Girl (1967)

Love at First Sight (1967)

A Great Lover (1968)

Supreme Sword (1969)

Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade (1969)

The Twin Swords (1969)

I Will Remember You Always (1970)

The Sexual World (1970)
Gam Lui
A Mad World of Fools (1974)

Everyday Is Sunday (1974)

The Iron Fisted Monk (1977)

Final Victory (1987)

Fractured Follies (1988)

Burning Ambition (1989)