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Cheung Ying (1)  ♂

Romantic Adventure (1949)

The Adventures of Broker Lai and the Smart Feitian Nan (1950)
Cheung Ying<br>Sunset Rendezvous (1951)
Sunset Rendezvous (1951)

Plum-Blossom in the Snow (1951)

The Prodigal Son (1952)

The Satisfactory Wedding (1952)

Timely Fortune (1952)
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How Two Naughty Girls Thrice Insulted Siu Yuet-Pak (1952)

In the Face of Demolition (1953)
Cheung Ying<br>Backyard Adventures (1955)
Backyard Adventures (1955)
Cheung Ying<br>Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)
Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)
Cheung Ying <br>Resurrection (1955)
Resurrection (1955)
Village Girl (1955)
Village Girl (1955)

This Wonderful Land (1955)
Cheung Ying<br>The Peach-Blossoms Are Still in Bloom (1956)
The Peach-Blossoms Are Still in Bloom (1956)
Cheung Ying<br>Oriole's Song (1956)
Oriole's Song (1956)
Cheung Ying<br>A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)
A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)

Wilderness (1956)

Xi Shi (1956)
Cheung Ying<br>Darling Girl (1957)
Darling Girl (1957)
Cheung Ying<br>Darling Girl (1957)
Darling Girl (1957)
Cheung Ying<br>A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
Cheung Ying<br>Caught in the Act (1957)
Caught in the Act (1957)
Cheung Ying <br>Romance of Jade Hall (Part 1) (1957)
Romance of Jade Hall (Part 1) (1957)
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Little Women (1957)

Thunderstorm (1957)
Cheung Ying<br>Driver No. 7 (1958)
Driver No. 7 (1958)
Cheung Ying<br>The Prince's Romantic Affairs (1958)
The Prince's Romantic Affairs (1958)
Cheung Ying<br>Gift of Happiness/May Heaven Bless You (1958)
May Heaven Bless You (1958)

The Wife Killer (1958)
Cheung Ying<br>The Chair (1959)
The Junior Master from a Rich Family (1959)
Cheung Ying<br>Dear Love (1959)
Dear Love (1959)
Cheung Ying <br>Ten Brothers (1959)
Ten Brothers (1959)
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Money (1959)
Cheung Ying <br>
  Daughter of a Grand Household (1959)
Daughter of a Grand Household (1959)
Cheung Ying <br>Motherhood (1960)
Salvation (1960)
Cheung Ying <br>A Tearful Life (1960)
A Tearful Life (1960)
Cheung Ying <br>The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster (1960)
The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster (1960)
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Many Aspects of Love (1961)

House of Kam Topples (Part 1) (1961)

Father Is Back (1961)
Cheung Ying<br>The Song of Love aka Sunset on the River (1962)
Sunset on the River (1962)
Cheung Ying<br>The Night the Spirit Returns (1962)
The Night the Spirit Returns (1962)
Cheung Ying<br>Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Cheung Ying<br>Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Cheung Ying <br>Time Flows Like a Stream (1962)
Time Flows Like a Stream (1962)
Cheung Ying<br>To Capture the God of Wealth (1962)
To Capture the God of Wealth (1962)
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Sombre Night (1962)
Originally uploaded by Dleedlee
Sunset on the River (1962)

The Fake Married Couple (1962)
Cheung Ying<br>Stingy Fellow, A (1963)
A Stingy Fellow (1963)
Cheung Ying<br>House of Prosperity (1963)
House of Prosperity (1963)
Cheung Ying<br>The Songstresses (1963)
The Songstresses (1963)
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The Revived Rose (1963)
Cheung Ying <br>An Independent Daughter (1964)
An Independent Daughter (1964)
Cheung Ying<br>Conjuring Spirit at Midnight (1964)
Conjuring Spirit at Midnight (1964)
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Conjuring Spirit at Midnight (1964)

The Bride From the Grave (1964)

The Murderer Is a Ghost (1964)

The First Prize (1964)
Cheung Ying<br>The Drifting Girl (1965)
The Drifting Girl (1965)

The Valley of Death (1965)
Cheung Ying<br>Story Between Hong Kong and Macau, The (1966)
The Story Between Hong Kong and Macau (1966)
Cheung Ying<br>The Thief With Baby Face (1966)
The Thief with Baby Face (1966)

Miss. Mr. Mrs. (1967)
Cheung Ying<br>Patch of Love, A (1968)
A Patch of Love (1968)

Mad Dragon (1969)

The Money-Tree (1973)

Death on the Docks (1973)

Two Con Men (1975)

Carry on Con Men (1975)

The Empress Dowager (1975)

Beautiful Vixen (1976)

The Pilferer's Progress (1977)

Return of the Con Men (1977)

The Modern Secretaries (1977)

Clan of Amazons (1978)

For Whom to Be Murdered (1978)

The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung (1978)

The Legendary Strike (1978)

The Duel of the Century (1981)

Notorious Eight (1981)

Winner Takes All (1982)

The Spirit of the Sword (1982)

Love Me and Dad (1988)