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Lee Foo-Hung
Aliases:  Li Fu-Hsiung,  Lee Fuh-Shyong,  Lee Fu-Shiung,  Li Fu-Hung
Filmography (1971-2016)
  Art Director (23 films)
    The Fake Tycoon (1971)    
    Love in a Cabin (1972)    
    Love, Love, Love (1974)    
    Heroes Behind the Enemy Lines (1975)    
    Golden Leaves (1976)    
    The Eight Masters (1977)    
    A Teacher of Great Soldiers (1979)    
    Rescue from Hades (1982)    
    Send in the Clowns (1983)    
    The Gift of A Fu (1984)    
    Nature Is Quiet Beautiful (1984)    
    Love, Lone Flower (1985)    
    I Want to Be (1987)    
    Little Kids Beat the Boss (1990)    
    Hill of No Return (1992)    
    The Story of Taipei Women (1992)    
    Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)    
    Red Persimmon (1995)    
    Woman Soup (1999)    
    Darkness & Light (1999)    
    Lament of the Sand River (2000)    
    The Strait Story (2005)    
    See You Again (2016)    
  Costume Designer (2 films)
    A Man of Immortality (1980)    
    Send in the Clowns (1983)    
  Planning (1 film)
    The Blank Indictment (1976)