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Gam Chiu-Kwan  ♂
Aliases:  Jin Chao-Chun,  Jin Chaoqun,  Kam Chiu-Kwan,  Chin Chao-Chun
Born: November 26th, 1951

Filmography (1979-2005)
  Actor (6 films)
    The Fate (1979)    
    Off to Success (1979)    
    Family Affairs (1994)    
    No Justice for All. (1995) ... C. K. Kam
    Zhan You (2001)    
    Game of a Cat and Mouse (2005) ... Bao Zheng/Justice Bao
  Writer (1 film)
    Game of a Cat and Mouse (2005)    
  Has portrayed Justice Bao on Taiwan TV since 1993.

Wife Chen Chi