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Li Kang-Nian
Chrile Lee Hang-Leng,  Lee Kang-Nian,  Lee Kang-Nien,  Li Kang-Nien,  Lee Hong-Nin
Filmography (1978-2000)
  Script Consultant (1 film)
    Send in the Clowns (1983)    
  Writer (17 films)
    Melody of Love (1978)    
    Clown Dui Hong-Chun (1980)    
    A Swallow in the Storm (1980)    
    Jie Tou Nu Lang (1981)    
    The Lady Avenger (1981)    
    Funny People (1982)    
    Mao Pao De Xiao Niu (1982)    
    Calamity of Snakes (1983)    
    Young Lady's Ups and Downs (1983)    
    Adorable Treasure Hunt (1983)    
    Fight Among the Supers (1984)    
    The Super Ninja (1984)    
    Ninja in USA (1985)    
    Braveful Police (1990)    
    The Silent Thrush (1991)    
    Two Girls' Faced (1995)    
    Crazy Badboy (2000)