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李丹妮  ♀
Denni Li Dan-Li
Li Tan-Ni,  Danie Li,  Lee Dan-Lei,  Denie Li,  Litanni Lee,  Li Danni,  Li Dan-Ni,  Lee Dan-Nei
Filmography (1994-2010)
  Art Director (15 films)
    Drunken Master III (1994)    
    Red Zone (1995)    
    Rumble Ages (1998)    
    The Longest Summer (1998)    
    Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King (1999)    
    Play with Strangers (2000)    
    The Teacher Without Chalk (2000)    
    Clean My Name, Mr. Coroner! (2000)    
    Fighting for Love (2001)    
    Doctor No... (2001)    
    Every Dog Has His Date (2001)    
    Marriage with a Fool (2006)    
    Love Is Not All Around (2007)    
    Forget Me Not (2010)    
    Virtual Recall (2010)    
  Costume Designer (2 films)
    Because of Lies (1995)    
    Virtual Recall (2010)