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Piu Wai-Mui  ♀
Aliases:  Piu Wai-Mooi

Filmography (1941-1959)
  Actor (58 films)
    The River Serenade (1941)    
    Chaos in the Universe (1941)    
    Bitter Phoenix, Sorrowful Oriole (1947)    
    A Spoilt Brat (1948) ... Chow's wife, Ming-Wai
    Tragic Romance in a Pavilion (1948)    
    God's Punishment to the Good Man (1948)    
    The Cow Boy and the Sewing Girl (1949)    
    The Great Wall (1949)    
    Sex to Kill the Devil (1949) ... Yan To-Neong
    Chen Shimei Betrayed His Wife (1949)    
    Beating the Matchmaker (1949)    
    Tan Kei in the Meat Hill (1949)    
    Zhuo Wenjun's Night Visit to Xiangru (1949) ... Cheuk's mother
    Mo Tsung's Bloody Fight at Double Pavilion (1949)    
    Two Roaming Orphan Girls (1950)    
    Success All the Way (1950)    
    A Good Mother and a Hooker (1950) ... Wah's mother
    A Wolf in the Girl's Fold (1950)    
    Kowloon City Fire (1950) ... Mrs. Ho
    Pitiful Girl (1950)    
    Poor but Happy (1950)    
    The Love Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1951) ... Matriarch Chuk
    Plenty of Sons, Plenty of Wealth (1951)    
    Poor Mother (1951)    
    Love's Captive (1951)    
    The Splendid Years of Youth (Part 1) (1951) ... Fu's mother
    The Splendid Years of Youth (Part 2) (1951)    
    Poor Daddy (1952) ... Lo's mother
    The Swallow's Return (1952)    
    Leifong Pagoda (1952)    
    Seventh Fairy's Rendez-Vous with the Buffalo-Boy (1952)    
    All the Love Heaven Allows (1952)    
    Money Will Come Somehow (1952)    
    Ten Fat Brides for Skinny (1952)    
    Sisters Two (1952)    
    Family (1953)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Defeated Three Bullies with a Rod (1953)    
    A Free Bird (1953)    
    Blame It on Father (1953)    
    Under the Moon, by the Huai River, We Meet Again (1953) ... Mrs Cheung
    The Ghostly Wife (1953) ... Chow Si
    Spring (1953)    
    Tragedy of Divorce (1954)    
    This Wonderful Life (1954)    
    Two Sisters in Phoenix Bower (1954)    
    The Hills Divide Us (1954)    
    A Cuckoo's Spirit (1954) ... Third Grandmother
    Love (Part 2) (1955)    
    The Story of Sit Ping-Kwai and Wong Bo-Chuen (1955)    
    The Pipa's Lament (1957)    
    An Orphan Raised on Love (1957)    
    The Fairy Sleeves (1957)    
    Wealth Always Follows Woe (1958)    
    The Tragic Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1958) ... Matriarch Chuk
    Ji Gong Sets the Fire on the Impenetrable Pi-pa Spirit (1958)    
    Madam Kam, Part One (1959)    
    Madam Kam, Part Two (1959)    
    Regret from the Spring Lantern and Feathered Fan (1959) ... Mother Cheung