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Filmography (1997-2001)
  Composer (13 films)
    Killing Me Tenderly (1997)    
    Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive (1998)    
    Mr. Wai-go (1998)    
    How to Get Rich by Fung Shui? (1998)    
    Cheap Killers (1998)    
    The Love and Sex of the Eastern Hollywood (1998)    
    Her Name Is Cat (1998)    
    Raped by an Angel 4: The Rapist's Union (1999)    
    Body Weapon (1999)    
    The H.K. Triad (1999)    
    Don't Look Back... Or You'll Be Sorry!! (2000)    
    The Enemy (2001)    
    Scaremonger (2001)