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Lai Yee  ♀
Aliases:  Lai Yi,  Li Er,  Marianne Quon
Born: September 20th, 1923

Filmography (1946-1959)
  Producer (4 films)
    A Woman's Revenge (1953)    
    Strayed Beauty (1954)    
    Returning the Pearl (1954)    
    The Burning of Biyun Palace (1955)    
  Actor (65 films)
    Smile to Please (1946) ... Mei Ling
    Not an Ill-fated Lady (1947)    
    The All-time Beauty (1948) ... Ah Han
    Show off Your Beauty (1948)    
    The Colourful Butterfly (Part 2) (1948)    
    Lai Yee's California Trip (1948) ... Narrator
    A Strong Wind Banished the Swallow (1948)    
    A Pitiable Wife (1949)    
    Night Discovery of the Women's Trap (1949)    
    General Dik Ching (1949) ... Princess Sheung Yeung
    The Playful Lovers (1949)    
    Two Women After One Man (1949)    
    Honeymoon for Two (1949) ... Yu Mei-Zhen
    Morning Sun (1950)    
    The Elderly Gentleman Searches for Romance (1950)    
    Kaleidoscope (1950) ... 4)
    A Small Gift from Afar (1950) ... Ah Chiu
    The Golden Chain (1950)    
    The End of the Year Means Money (1950) ... Eldest daughter
    The Burning of Chained Barges (1951)    
    Phantom in the Limelight (1951)    
    The Tiger's Den (1951)    
    A Sad Tale of Rainbow Robes (1951) ... Sat Fung-Kuen
    Sunset Rendezvous (1951) ... Lui So-Kam
    Infancy (1951)    
    The Erroneous Romance (1951)    
    Plum-Blossom in the Snow (1951) ... Hon So-Mui
    A Loving Father (1951)    
    A Dream of Red Mansions (The Dream of the Red Chamber) (1951)    
    Wealth Gone Like a Dream (1952)    
    Girls Favour Fools (1952)    
    Daughter of a Humble House (1952)    
    Sweet Girl and Good Car (1952) ... Lily
    A Comet of Laughter Lands on Earth (1952)    
    Sweet Love Lingers One (1952)    
    Amorous Happenings in the Splendid Hall (1952)    
    Between Her Own and the Concubine's Children (1952)    
    Love at First Sight (1953)    
    The Valiant Dog Saves Its Master (1953) ... To Man-Lei
    The Flight of the Swallow (1953)    
    The Story of Diaochan (1953)    
    A Woman's Revenge (1953)    
    Romance of Flower Sale (1953)    
    Poor But Happy (1954)    
    Brother in Bloodshed (1954)    
    Strayed Beauty (1954)    
    The Love of Susan (1954)    
    Love's Longing (1954)    
    Fairyland Romance (1954)    
    The Life, Love and Death of Yang Guifei (1955)    
    General Kwan Seduced by Diaochan Under Moonlight (1956)    
    Chang E's Flight to the Moon (1956)    
    The Princess Is Kidnapped (1956)    
    Lei Zhensheng's Many Adventures (1956)    
    The Scatterbrain (1956) ... Ah King
    The Goddess Who Came to Prince Xiang (1957)    
    General Guan Escorts His Brother's Wife on a 1,000 Mile Journey (1957)    
    The Hidden Dagger (1957)    
    The Eight Immortals in Jiangnan (1957) ... Goddess of Mercy
    The Mad Monk by the Sea (1958)    
    Emperor Zhengde's Night Visit to the Dragon-and-Phoenix Inn (1958)    
    The Petal-Spraying Fairy (1958) ... Empress
    Sisters-in-laws' Tombs beside Luoyang Bridge (1958)    
    A Filial Son Meets a Fairy (1958)    
    Three Attempts to Steal the Cup of the Nine Dragons (1959)    
  Presenter (1 film)
    Strayed Beauty (1954)    
  Married to director Joseph Sunn. As Marianne Quon, played Charlie Chan's daughter Iris in Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944).