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Gong Chin-Sheng
Aliases:  Gung Gam-Sing,  Kong Chin-Hsing,  Kung Chin-Hsing,  Kung Kam-Sing,  Kung Tsin-Sin
Filmography (1972-1985)
  Producer (10 films)
    Spring Fever (1981)    
    On the Society File of Shanghai (1981)    
    If I Were for Real (1981)    
    The Anger (1982)    
    Girl with a Gun (1982)    
    Pink Thief (1982)    
    The Sexy Lady Driver (1982)    
    Kill for Love (1982)    
    Temptation (1983)    
    Crisis (1983)    
  Production Manager (2 films)
    Prodigal Boxer (1972)    
    The Young Tiger (1973)    
  Planning (2 films)
    The Glory of the Sunset (1977)    
    Happy Together (1985)