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Li Li-Feng  ♀
Aliases:  Lee Le-Fong,  Lee Lai-Fung
Born: 1951

Filmography (1973-1986)
  Actor (11 films)
    The Iron Hero (1973)    
    Desperate Crisis (1974)    
    Dog King and Snake King (1974) ... Restaurant Lady Boss Shui Hsien
    Sunset in the Forbidden City (1976)    
    The Third Sword (1978)    
    Sweet Vengeance (1982)    
    Escape to Freedom (1982)    
    Kendo Kids (1983)    
    Feng Che Yu Huo Che (1983)    
    The Spring Outside of the Fence (1986)    
    Love of Tseng-Wen River (1986)