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Mickey Hardt
Mickey Hardt  ♂
Born: March 27th, 1969

Filmography (2003)
  Actor (1 film)
    The Twins Effect (2003) ... Duke Dekotes
  A model and actor, Swiss-born Mickey Hardt has had a lifelong passion of martial arts since the age of eight. After becoming a model and taking acting classes, Hardt got his big break when he was discovered by Hong Kong action star and fight choreographer Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, who was looking for a lead actor for a new German TV series he was working on.

Hardt starred in the one-season action series DER PUMA as police combat coach Josh Engel. Due to Yen's impressive choreography, Hardt became a well-known action star. Yen was so impressed he invited Hardt to play the villain in THE TWINS EFFECT.

Today, Hardt continues to work as an actor and model, mainly based in Germany. He appeared in two Western action films as former kickboxer turned sports photographer Max Havoc, CURSE OF THE DRAGON (2004) and RING OF FIRE (2006).