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Sing Lung (2)  ♂
Aliases:  Teruo Sakamaki,  Sheng Lung,  Shintaro Katsu (2)

Filmography (1972-1977)
  Actor (6 films)
    The Blind Hero Fighting Evil Wolf (1972) ... Zatoichi (Blind Hero)
    The Blind-Swordsman's Revenge (1972) ... Zatoichi
    Trust and Brotherhood (1972) ... Zatoichi
    The Hunchback (1972) ... Zatoichi
    The Iron Hero (1973)    
    The Devil's Owl (1977)    
  "Formerly a bartender, Sim Lung, won a Zatoichi lookalike contest and as a result starred in at several "Zatoichi" films." (YouTube)