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Shih Yueh-Niang  ♀
Aliases:  Shiu Yueh-Lian,  Shih Yueh-Niang,  Si Yuet-Leung,  Shi Yue-Liang

Filmography (1957-1983)
  Actor (28 films)
    Who's Crime (1957)    
    Who's Crime (Final Chapter) (1958)    
    Who's Crime (Sequel) (1958)    
    Brother Ah Gou and Yi Da (1966)    
    Tiger Bites Tiger (1966)    
    Woman Island Spy Battle (1966)    
    Gambit (1968)    
    Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters (1968)    
    Joys of Love on a Spring Night (1969)    
    Madam Is Not at Home (1969)    
    Drifting Shao Wine Immortal (1969)    
    Women Shrine (1969)    
    Female Dragon King (1969)    
    Hsueh-Kang Crashed the Flower Lantern Fair (1970)    
    Mi (1970)    
    Magical Power of Fan Li Wa (1971)    
    Revenge of Ghost (1971)    
    Duel in the Tiger Den (1972)    
    The Virgin and Me (1972)    
    Strong Eastman (1973)    
    Dumb Boxer (1973)    
    Little Killer (1974)    
    Journey of Love (1978)    
    The Beggar and the Pretty Prostitute (1979)    
    The Legend of Eight Knights (1980)    
    Go On, My Son (1981)    
    Four Encounters (1982)    
    Xiang Tu De Hu Huan (1983)