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Lam Kar-Yee  ♀
Aliases:  Lam Ga-Yee

Filmography (1948-1959)
  Actor (121 films)
    Wealth Is Like a Dream (1948)    
    The Thirteenth Girl's Adventure in Nengren Temple (1948)    
    Flying Dragon, the Strange Hero (1949)    
    Madame Zhou's Second Marriage (1949)    
    Zhuo Wenjun's Night Visit to Xiangru (1949) ... Lam Sum
    Mo Tsung's Bloody Fight at Double Pavilion (1949)    
    The Miserable Sisters (1949) ... But Fung-Sin
    Story of Fan Lihua (1949)    
    Bo-Yuk in Memorial of Ching-Man (1949)    
    Meeting a Ghost while Hunting (1949)    
    Lui Tung-Ban's Three Tricks on White Peony (1949) ... Ho Sin-Ku
    The Birth of Kiddy Stone (1949)    
    Romance of Rome Palace (1949)    
    The Red Chamber Dream (1949)    
    You Better Return (1949) ... Lee Chi-Fen
    The Junior Hero, Ai Hu (1949)    
    Owing (1949) ... Siu Fen
    The Eight Yang Sister Seeks Golden Knife (1949) ... Yeung Kau-Mui, Ninth sister
    Breaking the Medicinal Herb (1949)    
    The Cow Boy and the Sewing Girl (1949)    
    A Sorrowful Journey in Autumn (1949)    
    Xishi - The Ancient Beauty (1949)    
    Lust of a Grand Lady (1950)    
    The Battle Between Demon Girl and the Ox Devil (1950) ... Vixen Spirit
    How the Immortal Cripple Lee Slew the Dragon in the North Sea (1950)    
    Nazha Shatters the Yellow River Scheme (1950) ... Madam Bik Siu
    The Cruel Murder of Concubine (1950)    
    Camille (1950)    
    Ciyun's Farewell in Storm and Fire (Part 2) (1950)    
    The Heroine from Kunlun Spies On Mo Tin Peak At NightF (1950)    
    Striking a Mountain Asunder to Rescue Mother (1950)    
    Midnight Bells (1950)    
    The Battle Between the Heroines from Kunlun and the Swallow Thief (1950)    
    Magic of Tiger Dragon (1950)    
    The Peach-Blossom Hero's Battle on Zhenyin Island (1950) ... Pak Lin-Fa
    The Lutanist's Seduction Under the Moon (1950)    
    The Handsome Hero's Brawl in Sanmen Street (1950)    
    Prince Ciyun Flees His Country (1950)    
    Xue Rengui's Bloody Battle at Liu Village (1950)    
    Pear Blossom in a Winter Storm (1950)    
    Ciyun's Farewell in Storm and Fire (Part 1) (1950)    
    Too Many Wives Ruin the Husband (1950)    
    How Demon Girl Thrice Tricked Monk Jigong (1950)    
    A Couple with Double Identities (1951)    
    The Scarlet Hero (1951)    
    The Splendid Years of Youth (Part 1) (1951) ... Lu's servant
    The Splendid Years of Youth (Part 2) (1951) ... Lu's servant
    A Young Lady Sells Her Maid (1951) ... Ng Oi-Kwun
    Heroine in Red (1951)    
    Heartbreak Flower (1951)    
    Twelve Cheeky Girls (1951)    
    The Scatterbrain (1951) ... Hung Sam
    The Chivalrous Pair (1951)    
    Lee Fung-Kiu's Flying Daggers (1951)    
    Home Flowers Are Sweeter Still (1951)    
    White Whirlwind, the Heroine (1951)    
    How Fang Shiyu Escorted Miss Yan on a 1,000 mile Journey (1951)    
    Business Is Blooming (1951)    
    How the Flying Swordsman from Emei Mountain Raided Gold and Silver Palace (1951)    
    Handsome Yu Thrice Beats the Tiger (1951)    
    A Star of Mischief (1951) ... Chun Lan, servant
    Flying Swordsman's Adventures on the Island of Wind and Fire (1951)    
    Seventh Fairy's Rendez-Vous with the Buffalo-Boy (1952)    
    Stooge Hero and Beautiful Siren (1952)    
    She Said ''No!'' to Marriage But Now She Says ''Yes'' (1952)    
    Girl Who Plays Young Master (1952)    
    Perfect Match (1952) ... Ah Kuen
    A Heroine from Emei Mountain (1952)    
    Yang Naiwu and Xiao Baicai (1952)    
    Yeung Nai-mo and Little Cabbage: The Trial of Yeung Nai-mo (1952)    
    The Twelve Beauties (1952)    
    Wedding Candles (1952)    
    Green Window, Red Tears (1952) ... Maid Chun-Mui
    The Sensuous Singer (1952) ... White Peony
    Night of Romance (1952) ... Wong Suet-Yee
    Joyous Reunion (1952) ... Ah Fang
    Lovesick (1952) ... Servant
    How Queer-faced Tiger Raided the Cave of the Skulls (1952)    
    Red and White Peonies (1952) ... Kam-Ling
    Long Live My Wife (1952)    
    The Beautiful Bandit (1952)    
    Fang Shiyu Challenges the Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 2) (1952)    
    When Wishes Come True (1952)    
    A Schoolar's Love-Song (1953)    
    Playboy Emperor (1953)    
    Meeting the Lovelorn Monk on a Snowy Night (1953) ... Fan and Lei's daughter
    The Ghostly Wife (1953) ... Ho Siu-Chui
    The Story of Wong Fei-Hung and Lam Sai-Wing (1954) ... -
    The Postponed Wedding (1954)    
    The Lover with a Heart of Steel (1954)    
    Love's Surprises (1954)    
    Iron-man's 3 Visits to the Hero from Emei Mountain (1954)    
    The Sword and the Gold Hairpin (1954)    
    My Love Is Like a Lotus-Flower (1954)    
    Tragedy of Divorce (1954) ... Ah Kuen
    Iron-Monkey (1955)    
    Flying Spider (1955)    
    Difficulties of Being a Daughter-in-Law (1955)    
    Village Girl (1955) ... Ah Mui
    Flying Spider (1955)    
    Honeymoon (1955)    
    The Five Tiger Heroes (1955)    
    Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han (1956)    
    Hong Xiguan and Third Madam of Yongchun (1956)    
    The Unsuitable Brother-in-Law (1956)    
    The Heroine Yu Kam-Fung (1956)    
    The Eighth Miss Yang Advertises for a Husband (1956)    
    Journey to the West (1956)    
    The Wise Guys Who Fool Around (1956)    
    A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death (1956)    
    The Heroine of Deadly Darts (1956)    
    Fatty Marries Skinny (1956)    
    Lui Bei Crosses the River to Meet His Bride (1957)    
    The Naughty Princess and Her Lover (1957)    
    Eight Dames Tease the Scholar (1957)    
    Chun Xiang, the Girl Martyr (1957)    
    The Fox-Spirit's Romance (1957) ... Phoenix Spirit
    How Wong Fei-Hung Pitted an Iron Cock Against the Eagle (1958)    
    A Heaven-Sent Son (1958)    
    The Carp Spirit (1958)    
    The Peach Blossom Fairy's Second Visit to the World of Men (1959) ... Siu Yuk
  Lam Ka-Sing's sister.