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Ying Lai-Ming  ♀
Filmography (1948-1954)
  Actor (14 films)
    Uncompromising Fellow (1948)    
    Twelve Beauties Pavilion (1948)    
    If I Were King (1948) ... Yuk Mui
    The Man Who Loves Women (1948)    
    Wealth Is Like a Dream (1948) ... Opera actor
    The Soul's Return in the Storm (1948) ... Chun Wai-Suet
    The Big Fight between Red Kid and Five Dragon Princess (1949)    
    The Eight Yang Sister Seeks Golden Knife (1949) ... Sister Mang
    Golden Turtle from Hell (1949) ... Sister Lau
    Xiao Qing's Shadow (1949)    
    Madame Zhou's Second Marriage (1949)    
    Three Girl Musketeers (1950)    
    A Scholar in a Buddhist House (1953)    
    The Male Impersonator (1954)