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Shi Nai-An
Si Loi-Aau
Filmography (1950-1999)
  Story (16 films)
    Lan Chung, the Panther-head Hero (1950)    
    The Rude Monk's Intrusion Into Mount Wutai (1950)    
    How Song Jiang Slew His Mistress Yan Poxi (1950)    
    The Three Sieges of Zhu Village (Part 1) (1951)    
    A Woman as Sharp as a Blade (1951)    
    The Three Sieges of Zhu Village (Part 2) (1951)    
    Hai Tanghong (1953)    
    Wu Song's Bloody Fight on Lion's Bower (1956)    
    Taking the Birthday Gifts Caravan by Strategy (1957)    
    Wu Song Fights the Tiger (1959)    
    Bride Napping (1962)    
    Three Sinners (1963)    
    Wild Boar Forest (1963)    
    The Amorous Lotus Pan (1964)    
    Laughter of "Water Margins" (1993)    
    Water Margin: Heroes' Sex Stories (1999)