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Shih Yin-Yin  ♀
Aliases:  Shih In-In,  Si Yan-Yan

Filmography (1964-1979)
  Actor (15 films)
    Oyster Girl (1964)    
    Ling Rou Zhi Dao (1965)    
    Mistress (1965)    
    When Dreams Come True (1967) ... Yu-Zhen/Yu Chen
    The Salt Paddy Girls (1968)    
    Lovers Flee (1968)    
    Spring Dream Without Trace (1968) ... Hsiao Tui (as a girl)
    Hsueh-Kang Crashed the Flower Lantern Fair (1970)    
    A Killer in White Clothing (1971)    
    Magical Power of Fan Li Wa (1971)    
    Oath (1974)    
    The New Game of Death (1975)    
    The Amazons (1976)    
    The Funny Couple (1979)    
    I Sing I Cry (1979)