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Kook Jong-hwan  ♂
Aliases:  Kook Jeong-Hwan,  Ju Zhen-Huan,  Guk Ching-Woon
Born: March 23rd, 1943

Filmography (1977-1987)
  Actor (10 films)
    The 18 Amazones (1977)    
    The Mark of the Black Dragon (1978)    
    Fist of the Golden Monkey (1980)    
    The Story of Murim Wicked Man (1980)    
    Shaolin Drunken Monkey (1981) ... Mr. Wang
    Warriors of Kung Fu (1982)    
    Deadly Shaolin Longfist (1982)    
    The Undertaker in Sohwa Province (1983)    
    Magnificent Natural Fist (1983)    
    Zodiac Power: The Super Master (1987) ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]