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Ho Fei-Fan  ♂
Born: January 1st, 1919 - Died: October 28th, 1980

Filmography (1950-1963)
  Producer (3 films)
    The Romantic Monk (1956)    
    Little Sweetheart (1956)    
    The Story of Sima Sheung-yu (1957)    
  Actor (97 films)
    Monk in Love (1950) ... Ma Pak-Lok
    A Young Lady Sells Her Maid (1951)    
    Autumn Tombs (1951)    
    Why Not Return? (1951) ... Hung Siu-Keung
    Zhang Junrui Murders Jia Baoyu for Love (1951)    
    Orphan Girl in Love (1951)    
    Three Heroes of Pearl Sea (1951)    
    A Sweet Girl's Fancies (1952)    
    Story of the Wronged Wife (1952)    
    A Couple in Love (1952)    
    Amorous Happenings in the Splendid Hall (1952)    
    The Life of Xiao Ming-Xing (1952)    
    Charming Night (1952) ... Ho Kar-Sing
    Beautiful Matching (1952)    
    Spring Is in Town (1952)    
    The Encounter Between the Prince of Thieves and the Lovelorn Monk (1952) ... Ho Fan
    Top Singers Two (1952)    
    Paying Nocturnal Mourning to White Lotus (1952)    
    Mr. Country Bumpkin (1952)    
    The Mismatched Marriage (1952)    
    Song of Courtship (1952)    
    A Perfect Match (1952)    
    Perfect Match (1952) ... Ho Wan-Tin
    A Happy Fairy (1952)    
    A Second Visit to the City of Love (1952)    
    Back Stage Lovers (1952)    
    Emperor's Nocturnal Sacrifice (1952)    
    Romantic Spell (1953)    
    Tender Lover (1953)    
    The Female White Golden Dragon (1953)    
    Meeting the Lovelorn Monk on a Snowy Night (1953) ... Fan
    Romantic Night (1953)    
    When Pretence Becomes Reality (1953)    
    Honour Your Foster-Mother (1953)    
    Cupid Above (1953)    
    Not All Umbrellas Have Similar Handles (1953)    
    The Prude (1953)    
    Not All People Have the Same Fate (1953)    
    The Mad Monk by the Sea (1953)    
    Seeing My Child Again (1953)    
    Flowers of Wealth (1953)    
    Three Blessings (1953)    
    The Scholar Tang Bohu and the Maid Qiuxiang (1953)    
    Flowers for Sale (1953)    
    The Rendezvous (1953) ... Leung Chi-Hung
    The Hell-Raisers (1953) ... Wai Fa-Sze
    Heaven Never Lets the Kind-Hearted Down (1954)    
    The Impatient Bride (1954)    
    Keep Praying to Buddha, but No More Tears (1954)    
    The Boxer of Nanhai (1954)    
    Sound of Music (1954)    
    The Lover with a Heart of Steel (1954)    
    An Actress' Tears (1954)    
    My Love Is Like a Lotus-Flower (1954)    
    Love's Surprises (1954)    
    The Ghost of the Pot Comes to Life (1956)    
    The Romantic Monk (1956) ... Jia Baoyu
    Little Sweetheart (1956)    
    The Strange Adventures of a Strange Man (1956)    
    Kindness for Kindness (1957) ... Law Chi-Wai
    Joyous Wedding (1957)    
    The Queen Undoes the Red Silk Knot Back-handed (Reunion with Mother at Tianqi Monastery) (Part 2) (1957)    
    The Queen Undoes the Red Silk Knot Back-handed (Reunion with Mother at Tianqi Monastery) (Part 1) (1957)    
    Second Bloom (1957)    
    The Big Battle (1957)    
    Spirit of the Flower (1957)    
    The Handsome Groom and His Double (1957)    
    The Story of Sima Sheung-yu (1957) ... Sima Sheung-Yu
    Wang the Bully Seizes the Bride (1957) ... Chow Man-bun
    The Precious Fan (1957)    
    The Seven Humiliations of Su Qin (1957)    
    Spring's Joyous Blessings (1958)    
    Two Immortals at the Pavilion of the Moon (1958)    
    The Seven Good Wives (1958)    
    The Flying Prince (1958)    
    A Wife of Nobility Is Never Free (1958)    
    Prince of Thieves (The Sequel) (1958)    
    The Mad Monk by the Sea (1958)    
    The Butterfly Spirit (1958)    
    An Immortal Refuses Love (1958)    
    The Petal-Spraying Fairy (1958) ... General Chiu Wai-Mo/Monk
    The Lovers on the Milky Way (1958)    
    Prince of Thieves (1958)    
    The Story of Chung Mo-Yim, Part One (1958)    
    A Beauty in Times of War (1959) ... Prince of Yan
    The Story of Chung Mo-Yim, Part Three (1959)    
    The Story of Chung Mo-Yim, The Sequel (1959)    
    An Uncle's Sacrifice (1960)    
    Many Happy Returns (1960) ... Liu Fai
    A Perfect Match (1960)    
    A Murder Case (1961)    
    The Heroine Teases Jin Long, the Hero (1962)    
    The Prayer of Tears (1962)    
    The Jade Hairpin (1962)    
    Flowers Forever Blossoming, Moon Forever Full (1962)    
    Reincarnation of the Red Plum (1962)    
    Poor Lady Ping (1963)    
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