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Law Ching-Ting
Aliases:  Law Cheng-Ting
Filmography (1955-1977)
  Composer (37 films)
    How Miss Su Thrice Tested the Scholarship of Her Bridgeroom (1955)    
    A Fierce Debator (1956)    
    The Story of Sima Sheung-yu (1957)    
    The Dunce Gets a Son (1957)    
    The Humble Wife (1958)    
    The Peach Blossom Fairy (1958)    
    A Scholar Redeems His Love (1958)    
    Wealth Always Follows Woe (1958)    
    Miserable Daughter-in-Law (1959)    
    Gold-braided Fan (1959)    
    Breaking the Coffin to Rescue Mother (1959)    
    Sweet Girl (1959)    
    Misguided Love (1959)    
    Butterfly and Red Pear (1959)    
    Happy Wedding (1959)    
    The Lion's Roar (1959)    
    The Departed One's Return to Pipa Lane (1959)    
    The Lotus' Story (1959)    
    Girl of Pitiable Fate (1959)    
    The Random Harvest (1960)    
    The Dream Comes True (1960)    
    The Kidnappers (1960)    
    The Stormy Night (1960)    
    Revenge and Gratitude (1961)    
    The General and the Tyrant (1961)    
    The Golden Cat (1961)    
    The Princess Presents Her Petition (1962)    
    The Heroic Breed of Ming (1962)    
    Spring Comes to the Palace (1962)    
    Matrimonial Storm (1962)    
    Ghost Hero (1962)    
    The Beauty and the Swordsman (1962)    
    An Ill-fated Beauty (1963)    
    Beautiful Heaven (1964)    
    An Independent Daughter (1964)    
    Uproar in Jade Hall (1967)    
    The Legend of the Purple Hairpin (1977)