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Chi Kung-Lung  ♂
Aliases:  Chi Kuang-Lung,  Gei Gwong-San,  Gei Gwong-Wing,  Chi Kuang-Long,  Ge Kung-Tsong,  Gei Gwong-Lung

Filmography (1972-1978)
  Actor (14 films)
    Let Me Cry! (1972)    
    Bitter Heart (1972)    
    The Tormentor (1973) ... The Kid
    The Cupid (1973)    
    The Heinous Fiend (1974)    
    Ever Victorious Hall (1974)    
    The Early Spring (1974)    
    My Father, My Husband, My Son (1974)    
    The Story of Four Girls (1975)    
    Confused Love (1977)    
    Along Comes a Tiger (1977) ... The kid
    Imperial Sword (1977)    
    The North and South Chivalry (1977)    
    The Monkey Love (1978)