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To Hsien  ♂
Aliases:  Tuet Sin,  Chen Ping-Nan,  Tuo Sen,  Tuo Xian,  Chen Bing-Nan
Born: October 10th, 1933

Filmography (1964-2017)
  Actor (27 films)
    Luo Da Yu Bi Ri (1964)    
    Silly Brother (1966)    
    Stupid Bride Han Zi-Xu (1967)    
    Ah Hsi Comes Back (1968)    
    Wonderful Woman Wonderful Marriage (1968)    
    Don't Debt (1968)    
    A Wife's Worries (1971)    
    Judy's Lucky Jacket (1972)    
    Hostel Disputes (1972)    
    The Thirteen and a Half Tenants (1973)    
    Strong Eastman (1973)    
    Dumb Boxer (1973)    
    Come Rain or Come Shine (1974)    
    First Come, First Love (1974)    
    Dummy Detective (1975)    
    The Clown (1980)    
    Love Me, Love Me Not (1981)    
    A Centennial of Railways of ROC (1981)    
    Where Is Money Come From? (1981)    
    All the Corl One's Men (1982)    
    One Stripe Two Stars (1982)    
    Xiao Jing Ling Chi Wan Pi Gui (1982)    
    Bloody Killer (1989)    
    Forever Love (2013)    
    Zone Pro Site (2013) ... Master Tiger Nose
    Time Is Money (2015)    
    The Great Buddha+ (2017)