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Yeh Ying-Han
Aliases:  Yap Gun-Hao,  Yieh Yin-Han,  Yap Gun-Han
Filmography (1970-1984)
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Longing (1981)    
  Producer (13 films)
    The Romantic Fortune Caster (1970)    
    Happiness and Joy (1971)    
    Everyone Is Happy (1971)    
    The Blind-Swordsman's Revenge (1972)    
    Great Boxer (1972)    
    The Ferocious Brothers (1972)    
    Gecko Kung Fu (1972)    
    The Admired Girl (1972)    
    The Brothers (1973)    
    On the Verge of Death (1973)    
    The Soul of a Woman (1976)    
    Big Land, Flying Eagles (1978)    
    Miraculous Flower (1981)    
  Presenter (5 films)
    Crimes Are to Be Paid (1972)    
    Return of the Valuables (1975)    
    The Lantern Street (1977)    
    The Nude Body Case in Tokyo (1981)    
    The Legend of All Men Are Brothers (1984)