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Huang Ye-Bai
Aliases:  Wong Wun-Bak,  Huang Yah-Bei,  Huang Yah-Bai
Born: January 16th, 1917
Filmography (1963-1978)
  Producer (4 films)
    Infernal Street (1973)    
    The Dauntless Bumpkin (1974)    
    Dragon Kid (1975)    
    Eagle's Claw and Butterfly Palm (1978)    
  Production Manager (4 films)
    Four Brave Ones (1963)    
    Father and Son (1963)    
    Because of Her (1963)    
    An Affair to Remember (1964)    
  Presenter (4 films)
    My Love, My Wife (1970)    
    The Best Samaritan (1971)    
    A Time for Lying (1971)    
    Bliss from Heaven (1972)