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盧國沾  ♂
Jimmy Lo Kwok-Jim
Jim Lo

Filmography (1976-1988)
  Producer (1 film)
    He Who Chases After the Wind (1988)    
  Story (1 film)
    Behind the Yellow Line (1984)    
  Lyrics (1 film)
    Monkey Business (1982)    
  Music (7 films)
    You Are Wonderful (1976)    
    And the Love Lingers (1977)    
    Rainbow in My Heart (1977)    
    The Butterfly Murders (1979)    
    The Daring Age (1981)    
    Teenage Dreamers (1982)    
    Yellow Peril (1984)    
  Lyricist for many of Joseph Koo's theme songs.