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้‡‘ๆ™‚้กฏ  ♂
Kim Si-Hyeon
Raymond Chin,  Gam Shut-Hin,  Kao Ke,  Kim Si-Hyun,  Jin Shi-Xian
Born: December 27th, 1935 (South Korea)

Filmography (1971-1984)
  Director (22 films)
    Treasure Castle (1971)    
    The Life for Sale (1972)    
    Tornado of Kuang Chou (1973)    
    Black Leopard (1974)    
    A Wandering Hero (1974)    
    Tomb for a Strongman (1975)    
    Close Kung Fu Encounter (1976)    
    Righteous Fighter, Il Ji Mae (1976)    
    Snow Plum Blossom (1976)    
    The Last Fist of Fury (1977)    
    Tragedy at the Songhwa River (1977)    
    Fury of Dragon (1978)    
    Kung Fu Fever (1979)    
    The Dragon's Showdown (1980)    
    Golden Dragon, Silver Snake (1980)    
    Rage of the Dragon (1980)    
    Dragon, the Young Master (1981)    
    Enter the Invincible Hero (1981)    
    The Dragon's Snake Fist (1981)    
    Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger (1982)    
    Dragon Claws (1983)    
    Killing in the Nude (1984)