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Chen Jih-Kang  ♀
Aliases:  Chan Yat-Kong

Filmography (1986-2011)
  Props (18 films)
    Sweet Sixteen (1986)    
    A Terra-Cotta Warrior (1989)    
    Pantyhose Hero (1990)    
    Family Honor (1990)    
    A Chinese Ghost Story II (1990)    
    To Be Number One (1991)    
    Son on the Run (1991)    
    Lover at Large (1991)    
    The Twilight of the Forbidden City (1992)    
    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father! (1993)    
    Lord of East China Sea (1993)    
    Lord of East China Sea II (1993)    
    Wonder Seven (1994)    
    The Lion Roars (2002)    
    Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008)    
    On His Majesty's Secret Service (2009)    
    Future X-Cops (2010)    
    White Vengeance (2011)