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李香蘭  ♀
Li Xiang-Lan
Shirley Yamaguchi,  Lee Heung-Lan,  Li Hsiang-Lan,  Yamaguchi Yoshiko,  Yoshiko Otaka,  Ri Koran,  Pan Shu-Hua
Born: February 12th, 1920 - Died: August 7th, 2014

Filmography (1943-1958)
  Actor (9 films)
    A Good Name for Generations (1943)    
    Little Couple (1953)    
    The Magic World of Filmdom (1953)    
    Golden Girl (1954)    
    Chin Ping Mei (1955)    
    Madame White Snake (1956) ... Madam Bai / White Snake
    The Lady of Mystery (1957)    
    Angkor Wat Story (1958)    
    The Unforgettable Night (1958)    
  Biography (gstage.com) Born in Manchuria to Japanese parents

In 1974, she was elected to Japan's upper parliament and served as a member of the governing, conservative Liberal Democratic Party until 1992.